The Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund is heading for the support of the regions!

4 Feb 2019 г.


We are pleased to announce that the competition for the “Regions - Growth Points” project has been extended until December 31, 2019!
We remind the conditions: entrepreneurs can receive from 300 thousand to 5 million US dollars on the most favorable conditions - 4% - 8% per annum, up to 24 months (intensive gardening - up to 36 months)

And most importantly - we return up to half of the paid interest to entrepreneurs who have successfully implemented their projects and repaid the loan in a timely manner! Please pay special attention to the project map - the projects are distributed by industry and region. Detailed conditions on the website:…/konkursy_proektov/regiony_tochki_rosta

Important! Regional counseling centers have been opened in all regional centers, where you can seek advice, assistance and advice.

Jalal Abad, Aibek Abdyrakhmanov, 0772 177 184;
Karakol, Askarbek Zhanibekov, 0555 418 818;
Batken, Rysaliyeva Bermet 0550 353540;
Talas, Mambetov Almaz, 0550 532 624;
Naryn, Chukuev Kamchybek, 0706 887 776