Textil Trans LLC

Construction of the first textile factory since Kyrgyzstan gained independence.

Textil Trans LLC makes hosiery. Its affiliated company Salkyn LLC produces underwear for kids, 95% of which is exported to Kazakhstan and Russia.

Materials are supplied from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. 

There is a growth of competitiveness of the domestic clothing manufacture in the foreign trade due to the reducing the cost of knitted fabrics.

The next stage is to construct a workshop for the production of yarn from local cotton.

The total value of the project
$ 9 782 280
Financing by RKDF $ 7 544 680 (77%)
Contribution of the initiator of the project $ 2 237 600 (23%)
Sector Текстильная промышленность
Business activity Текстильная промышленность
Расположение Chui region
Start of financing 22 Mar 2016 г.
Contribution of the project LOCALIZATION

Main parametres of the project

Export to Kazakhstan and Russia
10 tons
Productivity per day
4 Hectares
The size of the area of the factory

Photogallery of the project

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