Loans were used to build the premises and to purchase equipment for refrigerated warehouses - a fruit storage with a regulated gas environment with a capacity of 2,400 tons. The ULO system (RGE - regulated gas environment) of fruit storage allows storing fruits for up to 270 days without loss of quality. This technology allows replacing the foreign products by local ones. A line for the production of frozen vegetable and fruits has been set up. Also, a dealer network has been set up to deliver these products to all cities of Kyrgyzstan and the nearest countries of EAEU (Kazakhstan, Russia).

The total value of the project
$4 mln 450 thousands
Financing by RKDF (Aiyl Bank) 50 mln soms
Financing by RKDF (CB "Kyrgyzstan") $916 thousands
Sector Агропромышленный комплекс
Business activity Логистический центр
Расположение Issuk-Kul region
Start of financing 26 Dec 2015 г.

Main parametres of the project

240 tons
Holding capacity
Export to Kazakhstan and Russia
270 days
Storage time of fruits

Key milestones of the project

December 2015 г.
Start of financing
October 2016 г.
Launch in a test mode
March 2017 г.

Photogallery of the project

Information about the project is provided with the consent of the client