Cluster development

A concept of cluster development is tightly connected with value chain development approach.

Introduced by Michael Porter in 1988 cluster* approach afterwards outspread globally.


*Porter M. (1988) “Clusters and the New Economics of Competition” in Harvard Business Review. Available: [25.09.2020]

Cluster concept

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Cluster mapping by Kyrgyz regions

CHUY REGION:  Growing of tomato, beetroot and other vegetables . Establishing of intensive orchards. Production and processing of milk.

ISSYK KUL REGION:  Establishing of intensive  orchards (apple, apricot), potato growing. Production and processing of milk. Meat.

NARYN REGION: Potato growing. Meat, wool.

TALAS REGION: Growing of beans and peppers .

JALAL ABAD REGION: Growing of walnuts and plums. Dried fruits.

OSH REGION: Growing of cotton, apples and cucurbits.

BATKEN REGION: Growing of apricots, dried plums, and black cherries.


We are committed to finance the investment phase of a cluster suppliers and anchor entity (a processor) in framework of one value added chain and to support members of a cluster by means of capacity building.

Additional strategic efforts of interested parties including international development partners are necessary to address key issues of regional development.


Financing scheme

RKDF’s cluster lending products

We introduced following cluster financing products with concessional terms:

  • Milk cluster
  • Meat Cluster
  • Fish cluster
  • Horticulture cluster

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