Technical cooperation with RKDF

If you consider institutional and technical cooperation with RKDF in framework of technical cooperation program facilities or similar, please refer to the following list of desired capacity building events and research:


  • Training and upgrade qualifications on management systems in accordance with international standards of:

ISO 900

ISO 22000

  • Training by accredited companies (TUV, SGS etc.)
  • ICMA accreditation/certification
  • A training for RKDF’s borrowers from rural communities (mainly direct borrowers) on introduction of Financial Accounting, 1C programme, on using of non-cash settlements (including card - to - card) instead of cash
  • A training for RKDF’s borrowers who received financing via intermediary financial institutions on factoring, co-financing, leasing
  • Audit
  • Training "Project Management"



Research on sector specific areas and cluster creation (value added chain analysis):

  1. Milk sector (Feasibility study, sector marketing analysis, certification requirements, laboratories, internal and external market capacity)
  2. Intensive market gardening
  3. Meat sector
  4. Feed
  5. Fine-wool sheep breeding
  6. Horticultural sector
  7. Renewable energy
  8. Poultry farming
  9. Seed raising
  10. Leather processing
  11. Tourism
  12. Textile cluster