Joining efforts

We invite our development partners to join our efforts in the following activities:

Building of cluster business model 

As cluster is fairly new approach for the Kyrgyz Republic it still in need of analytical and methodological baseline. For our borrowers who to pursue a cluster approach we intend to develop a comprehensive cluster model calculated for small, medium and large size of business. It will contain all aspects of business with real data on feasibility, financials, logistics, transportations, SWOT- analysis and others for potential borrower to be well prepared for challenging initiative accompanying any business.

Annual training for start-ups

On annual basis we finance implementation of trainings all over the country for start-ups with consequent writing of business plans for each initiator.

Based on the training and having a professionally drawn business plan each initiator may apply to finance through our partner banks with whom RKDF has agreements on more liberal consideration procedures for such start-ups.

Annual financial trainings

We finance implementation of annual trainings in regions for population on general finance, basics of accounting, lending products of RKDF, etc.

It is worth noting that around 60% of these trainees are women.

Sharing knowledge

We are ready to share with our development partners the results of our analytical research/results gained by consultants plus our database of kyrgyz projects for better outreach of beneficiaries by aid of our development partners. Likewise, we would be glad to obtain similar documents from our partners.

Co-financing and capacity building

Our main activity is lending, but we are also interested in nurturing our borrowers and industry as a consequence, so we strive to attract grant aid into our projects, both financially or as a technical assistance.

Sharing success stories in value added chain development

For the purposes of promotion and popularization of a complex approach and formal union of agricultural entities for a greater access to grant aid and other support from development organizations, we offer our partners to publish and spread the information on successful cases resulting from being an elements of value added chain. 

Building of a business-portal

Through joined efforts we intend to create an informational resource for different level businesses, which will contain market mapping, B2C and B2B platforms, availability  of financial products, presence of regionally focused projects of international organizations (information on possibilities of grant aid, trainings of entrepreneurs and others) for development of businesses clearly involved in value added chain.

Creation of a nursery garden for plants

We would be glad to join our efforts with partners in creation of a nursery garden to grow young plants on a specialized land plot in accordance with world standards and technologies primarily supported by international expertise in order to satisfy domestic demand and ensure export. Concept of a project involves practical tutoring of young specialists and students of agricultural educational institutions in order to contribute to sustainable development of horticulture industry in Kyrgyzstan. 

Co-financing with development banks

RKDF is a large player on the market, so we have a database of large projects in need of financing. We are ready to consider options for joint investment into large projects or assist as a dedicated intermediary if a development bank will solely finance the Kyrgyz based project.

Come up with your idea!

We warmly welcome any cooperation proposals from our development partners.