Projects with a Russian component funded through Roseksimbank

Purpose of loan

Funding to cover the Export contract (contracts) payment for the supply of goods, provision of services or performance of work signed between the Russian Exporter (Russian Exporters) with the Customer (Customers) from the Kyrgyz Republic*.

The loan is provided for the purchase, renewal and modernization of fixed assets, as well as operating assets for non-primary product funding ** and services within the framework of direct funding projects.

Refinancing of loans with the RKDF funds (for this Loan product) is not allowed.

* Information on the possibility of the Export Contract funding is available at the following link:

** Information on the classification of primary and non-primary goods is available at the following link:

Target borrowers

Commercial companies of various organizational and legal forms, financed directly by the RKDF that meet the following qualification requirements:

  • A legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • The borrower must meet the RKDF requirements regulating the RKDF investment and lending activities.

Loan type

Loan/loan facility

Loan currency

Russian ruble, US dollar, euro

Loan amount

Up to 5 million US dollars, or the equivalent amount in rubles, euros

Loan term

Established individually by agreement with RosEksimBank, based on the parameters and conditions of a particular transaction.

Maximum terms:

  • the purchase, renewal and modernization of fixed assets - 10 years;
  • trade turnover funding – 2 years.

Following RosEksimBank no-objection, it is possible to have a deferral for the loan principal repayment (depending on the industry), but no more than 18 months.

Interest rate

  • in Russian rubles (RUB) - from 8% per annum;
  • in US dollars (USD) - from LIBOR1 + 1.25% per annum;
  • in Euro (EUR) – from EURIBOR2 + 1.25% annum.

·         The interest rate is set individually in agreement with RosEksimBank for each currency (USD, EUR and RUB), based on the parameters and conditions of a particular transaction and market performance. 

In case of the interest rate modification, the RKDF notifies the Borrower in writing (according to the loan agreement terms).


The Borrower pays a fee for opening a loan facility and lending commitment charge (for the undisbursed part of the loan facility).

The fee amount is determined based on the RosEksimBank requirements individually, based on the parameters and conditions of a specific Export Contract.

Loan arrangement

 In tranches based on the individual loan agreements.

Loan review and arrangement mechanism 

1.  The RKDF accepts a project application (with a Russian component) from the Borrower with an Export Contract attached;

2.  The RKDF negotiates the funding terms with RosEksimBank and informs the Borrower;

3.  Following a favorable decision, the RKDF signs a loan agreement with the borrower in the framework of targeted funding of the projects with a Russian component;

4.  The RKDF signs an individual loan agreement with RosEksimBank.


The share of the Russian component (the cost of raw materials, component parts, works and services produced on the territory of the Russian Federation) in the total value of the Export Contract must be at least 30%.

Collateral security

  • Highly liquid assets (securities, deposits) that meets the RKDF requirements;
  • Estate property;
  • Equipment, vehicles;
  • Bank guarantees or corporate guarantees with a rating that meets the RKDF requirements;
  • Collateral calculation does not include the cost of inventory.
  • Some types of collateral are subject to insurance in accordance with the RKDF requirements. The RKDF must be listed as the Beneficiary in insurance policies to receive insurance compensation.

Borrower own contribution

The borrower must provide own contribution in the amount of at least 15% of the project cost. Own contribution can be expressed in monetary items or assets involved in the project implementation (project for which a loan is requested).

Loan and interest repayment by a Borrower

  • Monthly or quarterly annuity payments.
  • Monthly or quarterly payments, including repayment of the loan principal in equal installments.
  • Considering the business seasonality, repayment of the loan principal is possible in unequal installments, but at least once every four months. Interest repayment – monthly or quarterly.

The repayment schedule should be subjected to RosEksimBank no-objection.

Early loan repayment

Following the prior notification of the KRDF at least 15 (fifteen) business days in advance, considering the provisions of the Individual Loan Agreement, the Borrower has the right to repay the entire Loan or any part of it ahead of payment schedule. In doing so, the Borrower is obliged, together with the loan principal subjected to early repayment, to pay the interest for the early repayable principal amount, as well as to pay the RKDF an early repayment commission in the amount of 0.1% (one percent) of the early repayment amount.

Loan disbursement monitoring

The RKDF has the right to monitor the fulfillment of obligations by the Borrower in accordance with the requirements of the RKDF internal regulatory documents.

Prohibited practices:

1.  loan funds cannot be used for the purpose of financing, or can be interpreted as being used to finance trade in military equipment or weapons, or are involved in the illegal drug or other illicit substances trafficking in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic;

2.  loan funds cannot be used to finance, directly or indirectly, any activity that is otherwise illegal in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic;

3.  child and forced labor;

4.  production and distribution of tobacco and alcoholic products;

5.  gambling business;

6.  manufacture of weapons and military equipment;

7.  exchange transactions with foreign currency in cash;

8.  investments in any securities;


1 Libor (Eng. London Interbank Offered Rate) - weighted average interest rate on interbank loans provided by banks operating in the London interbank market with the offer of funds in different currencies and for different periods - from one day to 12 months -

2 Euribor (Eng. European Interbank Offered Rate) — average interest rate on interbank loans granted in Euro -